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The Hosseini Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing financial assistance to families in need all over Afghanistan. It is our objective to give humanitarian assistance and financial support to families, as well as provide economic opportunities for women. We strongly focus on healthcare and educational opportunities for women and children in Afghanistan.

Our primary purpose is to support families, women, orphans, and widows who have suffered as a result of decades of war. Integrity, compassion, and concern for humanitarian needs are the guiding principles of our charitable organization. The funds we receive are used to provide basic necessities such as food, shelter, clothes, and medical assistance while creating jobs opportunities for the Afghan community to thrive.

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The Strength of a Person. The Power of Community.

Together, We Can Save More lives

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We show our care for the community through our dedication and perseverance.

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Join us in cause to help the Afghan community fight against all odds and thrive.

Our Joy

The true joy of humanity is to help those in need. Become a part of our mission.

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We aim to spread the love far and wide…this is only possible with your help.